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Greatest Soccer Movies

We asked Grantland listeners for their favorite soccer movies of all time. Who knew there were so many “Ladybugs” fans out there? A film evidently ripe for a remake. We discussed our top three in this week’s MIB Grantland podcast to be released Wednesday, Sept 14. Some of these movies may have made it:

Gregory’s Girl (1981)

If John Hughes had come of age in suburban Glasgow instead of the American Midwest, the movie “Gregory’s Girl” is the kind of classic he would have conjured. The soccer-themed film was to 1980s Britain what “The Breakfast Club” was to the States: generation-defining, coming-of-age magic.

Crafted by cult Scottish director Bill Forsyth, the movie revolved around the tale of how a teenage girl revived the sagging fortunes of a high school boys’ soccer team. Feathered of hair, long of leg and nimble of foot, Dorothy was a beauty whose allure was matched only by her skill. Outplaying all the boys, she became an unobtainable object of affection. When she stroked home a goal, even vanquished opponents lined up to join in the celebration.

Zulu (1964)

150 brave British soliders keep thousands of Zulus at bay for 24 hours.  A valiant triumph against the odds.  Like Animal Farm is not just about horses and cows, this movie is a thinly-veiled allegory alluding to Everton Football Club’s season. No players. No cash. No problem.

The Two Escobars (2010)

Our favorite. By unanimous decision.