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Question of Great Significance: 9/9

Each Friday morning during our SiriusXM show, Michael will quiz Roger on his alleged soccer knowledge. Here was the inaugural test. (Rog didn’t fare too well).

William Ralph Dean, better known as Dixie Dean, because of his dark complexion reminiscent of an American from the South, was one of the great sporting figures of pre-war Britain and without a doubt the greatest Everton player of all-time… And he did it all with only one testicle due to a tragic reserve game accident at the age of 17. Dixie Dean cost Everton Football Club just $5000 when he was acquired from Tranmere Rovers in 1925.  A bargain at the time, but money that Everton Football Club simply does not possess today.  He was the first player in history to wear the number 9 on his shirt and was he a striker in the truest sense of the word. His 60 goals in the 1927/28 single season is a record that will never be broken, except, as Dixie himself said, by a man “who walks on water.”  You will also walk on water if you can answer the following seven questions.

A). A Dixie Dean Statue sits outside of Goodison Park. But Goodison, like every stadium Everton has ever called home, isn’t actually located in the Liverpool district of Everton. What district is Goodison Park located? B). Dean holds the record for most hat tricks ever – 37.  But who was the last Everton player to score three goals in a single game?

C). Dean died on March 1, 1980 after watching an Everton match against which of their rivals?

D). Dean was never once booked or sent off during a game. Not all Everton players have been so gentlemanly. Which former player holds the record for most career red cards in the Premier League?

E). Dean was involved in a number of high-profile endorsements, including Wix Cigarettes. Which current Everton player is the face of WeetaBix cereal?

Answers: A). Walton B). Louis Saha C). Liverpool D). Duncan Ferguson E). Tim Cahill